Acupuncture- AOMSM Keynote Speaker Announcement

ACUPUNCTUREThe Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts (AOMSM) announced that the keynote speaker at their annual meeting will be the Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Association’s Executive Director Geoff DePaula Lic.Ac. The meeting will be on Sunday May 6th from 10am -2pm (with a free lunch & CEU’s for those in attendance!). The location will be the New England School of Acupuncture located at 150 California Street, Newton, MA. He will be discussing in depth the vision, mission & manifesto of the Not-For-Profit Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Association (IMHHA). The vision of the association is: “to completely transform the current disease-centered model of healthcare in the U.S. into a proactive, integrative & holistic medicine paradigm of healthcare”

Furthermore, he will also be revealing publically for the first time the association’s pioneering Integrative Medicine Health Benefits program exclusively for practitioners of integrative & holistic medicine! This promises to be an exciting meeting for those in the acupuncture profession!  Due to the fact that this new insurance program was DESIGNED by holistic practitioners, this is guaranteed to be an insurance plan that actually covers a comprehensive list of natural medicine, integrative & holistic modalities.  Be sure to be in attendance to learn how not only to participate, but also profit from being a healer & become part of the holistic healing revolution!  Sign up and RSVP (for the free lunch) at the Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts (AOMSM) website HERE.

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