Easy way to create Optimal Health using the Nu Val #’s

Here is a fantastic and easy-to-use system so that you know how much nutrition is actually in your food.  It is a system that was created by Dr. Katz at Yale University to help people attain optimal health from the everyday foods you buy at the grocery store. The system is called Nu Val, and what it does is tells you on a scale of 1-100 how much nutrient density there is in a particular food product you would buy at the supermarket.  So you would be able to see if a particular product you usually buy was a score of 20, and you saw another comparable product that was a 55, you could “trade up” and get more health and nutrition out of a similar product.

Take a look at this video and some of the fantastic results some of these everyday people have been getting by using this easy to implement system.  Learn more at http://www.nuval.com.