Holistic Health Empowerment

    We believe that if people are empowered about the wisdom of integrative and holistic modalities, that 80-90+% off all health conditions (& the COSTS associated with them!) can be eliminated.

    This Association is collaborating with a dynamic new corporate Integrative medicine program, that will be REFFERING NEW PATIENTS to professional integrative medicine practitioners. Our sister company called Integrative Medicine Strategist, will be assisting integrative practitioners in the transformation of healthcare, by working directly with corporations to build integrative medicine coverage into employee health benefits plans.

    These referrals will have COVERAGE for your services!  This is not a program where holistic practitioners get the "short end of the stick"!  We understand the power and clinical results of these healing modalities, and know that integrative practitioners are worth it!

    As an integrative practitioner, we will help to empower you to:

    1. Build your successful practice by referring employees to you (for FREE) who have coverage for your services.
    2. Positioning you as an expert in your local community with companies that are in your neighborhood.
    3. Providing the software/electronic medical record tools for integrative medicine practitioners to collaborate with any other practitioner that is providing care to one of your patients.
    4. Providing cutting edge, ongoing, integrative medicine continuing education via our convenient web-based learning platform- coming soon!
    5. Positioning integrative medicine as the "go to" medicine of the future!
    Our goal is in part to prove in the real world, with hard data, and real dollars, that an integrative approach to healthcare is more cost-effective, and provides better health outcomes than conventional medicine alone.

    If you have not already done so, please learn more about all that we can do for you and become a FREE member.

    We help integrative practitioners become successful!

    77 West Main Street Suite 205 Hopkinton MA 01748