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    Integrative Medicine Health Benefits

    Pushti Integrative Health, LLC has partnered with the Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Association (IMHHA) to offer this dynamic new paradigm in Integrative Medicine Health Benefits for IMHHA members only!

    This insurance provides both major medical Western Medicine and a WIDE variety of Holistic coverage with the goal of providing comprehensive, proactive, integrative medicine & holistic health benefits!

    Pushti Integrative Health was developed by integrative medicine & holistic health practitioners, specifically for integrative medicine & holistic health enthusiasts. Pushti Integrative Health is committed to providing a health benefits policy that would serve those who already utilize holistic medicine as a first line of their healthcare. It provides the “best of both worlds” because it includes the benefits of holistic modalities and Western medicine (i.e. hospitals, doctors, ER, pharmacy, etc.). It is designed for those who want to have a comprehensive integrative & holistic approach to their health!

    There is a growing body of research, which shows that holistic modalities of care are extremely cost-effective in the treatment of many health conditions. It is our firm belief that this paradigm of health & care will improve the quality of care, and the quality of your life!

    We at IMHHA believe the solution to our current healthcare crisis lies in the empowerment of the people to care for their own health. Instead of jumping through the hoops required by our current medical insurance plans, Pushti Integrative Health will provide each member financial support and holistic resources & treatments, to take a proactive role in their health, to help them attain a state of optimal Pushti Health!

    When you become a policyholder of Pushti Integrative Health, you will have the freedom to choose your path to holistic vitality, from a wide variety of certified integrative medicine & holistic healing modalities- no referrals needed!

    We are also extending to IMHHA members the option to become shareholders, in order to benefit from the financial success of the company as it grows. We want to have this become a healing community. We feel that policyholders’ participating in profit sharing is the best for everyone’s long term wellbeing- physically, mentally & financially! A Win-Win situation for everyone!

    We look forward to partnering with you on our shared journey to optimum vitality! Please fill out the form on the membership sign up page to receive more information about how Pushti Integrative Health can help you attain the highest level of health possible, and provide the real health insurance you have been looking for all along!

    Interested in becoming an investor? Please contact us via email or phone (617-299-9026).

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