Thinking About Optimal Health Through Ecological Pharmacology

Recently a former researcher at the National Health Institutes, Dr. Kevin Spelman, gave a “thought-provoking” lecture on ecological pharmacology, and how its lens can be used to think about optimal health.  In this phenomenal talk, Dr. Spelman discusses the human connection to plants down to their genetic and enzyme make-up. … Read More

Research Shows Homeopathy to be an Effective System of Prophylaxis

A study in Cuba shows homeopathy to be an extremely effective system of prophylaxis while treating leptospirosis (a spirochete infection). The study consisted of the treatment of approximately 2.4 million people in Cuba, after tropical flooding. Due to the homeopathic treatment of patients through the use of nosodes, only 10 … Read More

The Key to Integrative Medicine Practitioners Having Success!

If you practice one of the following integrative medicine or holistic health modalities have we got news for you!  Any of these practitioners will now be able to receive FREE NEW PATIENTS FROM CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS, not have coverage for their services!  Here is a partial list of some of … Read More

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage in Integrative Medicine

All massage practitioners are, I’m sure, aware of the myths surrounding Deep Tissue Massages. Some of the myths are that deep tissue massages are painful, “no pain, no gain”, involve intense pressure and discomfort, etc.  I’m sure all of the massage practitioners reading this understand that it is nothing more than a myth … Read More

Naturopathic Medicine Has Just Been Given an Amazing Opportunity!

Recently, Naturopathic medicine has been given an amazing opportunity through the Affordable Care Act. Section 2076 states that all accredited Naturopathic Physicians will have the ability to be included in health insurance plans in states that are licensed. However, the way in which this law is interpreted is up to … Read More

The Benefits of Holistic Wellness Have Been Proven in Healthcare

Most integrative practitioners have a solid understanding of the dyer state of the U.S. healthcare system. On average, Americans of all ages live shorter lives and get more disease than 16 other rich countries (2). In fact, even well off, health insured, educated U.S. citizens are getting sicker and dying … Read More

Chronic Pain Healthcare Cost Reduction Through Acupuncture

As healthcare costs rise each year, patient, and more importantly employee, health is declining. Of the chronic conditions recognized by the health industry, chronic pain accounts for 20% of them.  Acupuncture has been used for the treatment of painful conditions for thousands of years. Osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and back … Read More